Thank you so much all for supporting my show at SJSU. I think it was a huge success. My mom, Sarah, and I currated it over the weekend and my work over the five years stands strong next to each other; I am so pleased with this opportunity to see all of it in one room together in comlpete unity. If you haven't gone to see the show, it's up for one more day. Otherwise, I will have professional photographs up soon. Thank you all!


I am nearing the end of my Fall semester at SJSU and am so relieved to have time to breathe. I am looking forward to relax and enjoy a more peaceful winter break. I hope to sumerge myself in my own art projects and the local art culture. Any suggestions on what events are going on?


Yes! My own website. Bare wth me as I get it up and going. It will take me a while to do fine tuning.